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Find, Get Album Artwork for Songs in iTunes Music Library

PostPostovano: 04.07.2013 5:25
od harper17
When listening with iTunes, you may find some music on iTunes music library with no Album artwork. This problems also happen on songs stored in your mobile media players like HTC One smartphone or MP4 player, which could help you play back songs you collected.

To get album artwork, you could try an album cover maker. Tunes Cleaner for PC is a kind of program to help you get album artwork for songs in iTunes music library and other music players. Get it and have a try, the below guide tells you how to get album artwork in simple clicks.

Watch Video Demo:


Tunes Cleaner for PC

* Clean up iTunes and external music folders smartly;
* Get album artwork for iTunes music library and other music files;
* One-click operation to delete duplicates in iTunes and other music libraries;
* Support manual fixing to customize music info and get accurate repairing;
* Clean up iTunes music library and apply to iTunes in one click;